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Physical Therapy

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A different kind of Physical Therapy

Resilience Code provides cutting edge physical therapy services for all ages and activity levels, from the domestic warrior to the elite athlete.  Any muscle or joint problem can be addressed as well as issues with balance, vertigo and headaches. Physical therapy can also be utilized for the purposes of preventing injury through a comprehensive movement analysis and customized exercise program to reduce injury risk.  Resilience Code Physical Therapy is available through your private health insurance as well as on a cash pay basis.

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We begin with a thorough, whole-body movement screening process designed to identify the root causes of your pain or injury. Our experts use a system known as the Select Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and injury risk screening.


Manual Therapy

Based on the findings from your evaluation, we utilize an eclectic variety of hands-on techniques such as: Active Release Techniques (ART), Myofascial release (MFR), Acupressure, instrumented assisted soft tissue mobilization (ASTYM), functional dry needling, joint mobilization/manipulation, mobilization with movement.



From the start of your treatment, you will receive a targeted exercise program to address the root causes of your pain or injury. This program is meant to achieve optimal recovery and help prevent future problems.

Continuum of Care

Resilience Code is a unique facility where all aspects of health and fitness can be addressed under one roof. Our physical therapy team works closely with our performance training specialists to address issues. Take advantage of all that we have to offer and ask your physical therapist about working with our trainers.


Functional Dry Needling

A technique using Acupuncture needles inserting directly into trigger points in muscle tissue to elicit an immediate relaxation of abnormal tightness/tone in the tissue. Can be a very rapid and effective way to address conditions such as: neck and low back pain, nerve pain, shoulder pain.


Active Release Techniques (ART)

A series of very targeted techniques incorporating soft tissue release with movement to maximally release abnormal tightness and mobility restrictions throughout the body that contribute to pain or motion restrictions. Considered the gold standard of soft tissue treatment and is very popular sought after in the active, athletic population.


Mulligan Mobilization with movement Techniques

A series of techniques addressing painful or abnormal movement of joints throughout the body. Involves subtly repositioning the painful joint and taking it through pain free range of motion in order to restore and reset normal movement of the joint.



An evidence-based instrument/tool assisted treatment for muscle/tendon/ligament tissues used to release abnormal tightness and/or scar tissue restrictions. Particularly effective for stubborn conditions such as: tennis and golfer's elbow, patellar and Achille's tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.



A comprehensive, full body movement screening process used to identify the root causes of pain or dysfunction in order to eliminate the problem as well as prevent it from coming back. Can also be used to identify movement deficits in an attempt to prevent potential injury.



Follow up sessions


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*We also accept most Private Health Insurance, including Medicare with copay responsibility

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