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ResilienceCode - Resilience Reset

We combine functional and traditional medicine with a performance model to create our special version of personalized medicine using extensive testing, wearables, data analysis and integrated care.

How does Our Program Work?



The first step to achieving optimal health is gaining access to a clear, holistic picture of how your body works. We do this through our Biologi.Code, KinetiC.ode, and Mind.Code testing.



With our advanced data team and state-of-the-art technology and programs, we are able to analyze your raw testing data and transform it into a personal health story.



Through our advanced testing and analytics, our integrative medical team led by Dr. Chad Prusmack, we work to create a personalized health plan to achieve your ultimate resilience.



By combining your exact diet plan, supplemental consumption plan, personalized exercise regiment, and uncovering any neurological issues, our team is able to work with you to navigate you through each phase of your unique and personalized program.

Our Infinite Health Program

Is designed to approach your health in high definition. We view every individual as a unique patient.


Through this lens, we use cutting-edge technology and an integrated, evidence-based approach to health that helps us learn everything we can about you. We analyze data gathered from extensive testing on your brain, body, and blood. The abundance of knowledge we are equip to gain through these tests enables us to curate a tailor-made plan that will help you shape your most resilient self. 

"Dr. Prusmack is undoubtedly one of the best surgeons in the country. His unique surgical process was instrumental in getting me back to peak performance during the last few years of my career. Now that I am retired, Resilience Code has helped me keep the same focus on my health and building resilience through their comprehensive approach to wellness. I always took pride in taking care of my mind and body, but the Resilience Code has given me the knowledge to take it to a whole new level. It’s comforting to have a trusted team I can rely on."
-Demarcus Ware, 9-time All-Pro NFL Defensive End

unlock your code and own your outcome with resilience code

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