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Resilience Code boasts a 25,000 sq ft. facility complete with functional training equipment, professional-grade resistance systems, advanced cardiovascular technology, a turf training area and a mixed martial arts room. Take advantage of the same level of care a pro athlete would receive to take your performance and health to the next level.

Explore Training Options


Private Training

Resilience Code combines medicine, sports science and data to help clients push themselves like never before. Our industry specialists will design training experiences geared towards your goals and needs to optimize your performance outcomes.


Group Training

With group training at Resilience Code, you can experience various workout Bootcamps. Your first class is free!



Specifically programmed toward your needs and goals based on foundational screening. You will be taken through a 60 minute session with one of our specialists including proper dynamic warm-up, correctives, prescribed exercise, and access to modalities such as blood flow restriction training, and soft tissue treatment options.



Bootcamp sessions incorporate HIIT, strength, mobility, stretching and core work. Participants will receive guidance through all movements. Classes are designed to help you burn fat, increase lean muscle mass, and improve cardiovascular health all at the same time. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome.



These sessions are geared toward the group goal, while still receiving individualized feedback and attention.  Great for friends, families, and athletes who like to train together.  Sessions will include proper dynamic warm-up, correctives, prescribed exercise, and access to modalities such as blood flow restriction training, and soft tissue treatment options.



We offer customized programming for your individual training needs. Can't train in our facility? No problem. Our trainers have virtual training options.

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Dual Force Plates

Mechanical sensors in the floor accurately measure force production for each individual side of the body. These plates can track performance improvements over time as well as detect asymmetries in force production which are at risk factors for potential injuries.


16 sensors are placed from the head to the toe to precisely track and measure the movement of the body through different movement patterns. Understanding how the body moves allows for highly customized plans to be made to address possible movement inefficiencies or compensation patterns and increase performance.


Gait analysis measures how an individual walks heel to toe, and how their weight is transferred from side to side. Using a treadmill that an accurately map how a person is loading their feet is essential because feet provide us with the stability for the simplest and most complex tasks. This treadmill can detect abnormal gait patterns due to compensation pattern old injuries that still influence movement.


Mobility testing is a series of tests that look at the range of motion of different joints throughout the body. These tests range from shoulder rotation to big toe extension. The tests can show asymmetries or limitations that need to be addressed to decrease injury risk and increase performance.


VO2 is a measure of how much oxygen a body can use during exercise which reflects their cardio-respiratory fitness level. Knowing an individual’s VO2 allows for more accurate prescription of exercise intensities to increase overall fitness level.  Research shows that VO2 level is a good predictor of mortality.  The higher the VO2, the longer a person lives while a lower VO2 may indicate shorter lifespan.


Velocity-based training is a training modality that measures how fast an exercise movement occurs to optimize targeted adaptations like strength, power, or speed. By measuring movement speed of the bar during certain lifts, clients can be prescribed exactly how much weight they should be lifting and how fast they should be moving it.


Dynavision is a board that tests reaction time, coordination, and peripheral vision. Using Dynavision consistently can improve reaction time and multi-task ability necessary for everyday activities and sport.  It also gives our performance coaches insight into your readiness to train each day.


Blood flow restriction is a training process that uses pressure cuffs to limit blood flow to the muscles in the extremities during exercises. This results in increases in strength and muscle mass without heavy load. This is a great option for clients who are returning from surgery or injury, as well as those who need decreased load on the joints during exercise.

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