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Identifying the source of your chronic inflammation

The Resilience Code wants to bring awareness to everyone about the Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). This occurs when our immune system can sound the alarm in response to a toxin (mold, lymes, bacteria , virus, environmental toxin) but can't put out the fire. This puts us in a state of inflammation which slowly leads to metabolic dysfunction, illness, injury or poor performance. Knowing if mold is in our homes, where we work, or hiding in our gut or sinuses is critical to identifying this slow time bomb to illness.  Migraines, joint pain, fatigue, "seasonal allergies", IBS, and muscle cramps may ALL be do to MOLD.
Biologicode and CIRS blood biomarker protocols are available at Resilience Code to identify this condition and provide mold identification, detoxification, and anti-inflammatory protocols to improve this condition. Note many athletes in sports performance have this condition and it gets in the way of recovery and optimal performance. .
By decreasing inflammation in athletes we are decreasing injury risk and promoting brain protection from inflammation.

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