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Dr. Prusmack Health Insights

Unlocking Client Health with Precision Analysis

Making decisions about the healthcare you choose is easier than it’s ever been. You can do a quick Google search and find just about any health model in your community. But with this freedom of choice, there can be confusion on what path to take. With so many options, which one is the right one…

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Identifying the source of your chronic inflammation

The Resilience Code wants to bring awareness to everyone about the Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). This occurs when our immune system can sound the alarm in response to a toxin (mold, lymes, bacteria , virus, environmental toxin) but can’t put out the fire. This puts us in a state of inflammation which slowly leads…

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Broccoli Sprouts Aid Neuroprotection

Broccoli sprouts and cruciferous vegetables have the highest concentration of glucorophanin. These compounds when mixed with a special enzyme called myrosinase which is found in a different compartment of the vegetable produce sulforaphane. The benefit of sulphoraphane is only seen when these vegetables are chewed and mixed together. (thats why supplements with glucorophanin alone don’t work) These vegetables (organic only…

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