ReGenCode: Peptide Therapy


Peptide proteins are responsible for the way your body functions. Your weight loss, your sexual competence, aging, and even your digestion processes are partially controlled by these proteins. Peptide Therapy helps the body mimic the functions of naturally occurring peptides to emulate certain abilities on targeted areas. Our ReGenCode is a program specifically designed for you after a consultation of goals with Dr Prusmack.


Peptide therapy maximizes your own innate natural hormone growth response. Benefits include a full scope of anti-aging responses as well as substantially increasing healthy cell regeneration. Enhanced performance as well as prevention of chronic disease are some of the many attributes of Peptide Therapy through the ReGenCode program.


The cost of peptides is additional. The price for these can range from $350.00 a month up to $800.00 depending on the individual and their goals. Patients are on peptides for 4 to 6 months, and then you will have a break month.


Consultations are available and complimentary.



Peptide therapy, called "smart hormone therapy" stimulates the pituitary gland’s production of growth hormone. This helps increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. It also noticeably improves libido and sexual function for many men and women.

Other anti-aging peptides can be used to prevent inflammation, loss of brain function, and accelerated aging while improving mental clarity and cognitive function. And, anti-aging studies suggest certain peptides increase skin elasticity and promote healthy circulation,

Resilience Code offers a complete range of peptides as part of our anti-aging therapy, ReGeneCode. After lab work, Dr Prusmack and the medical team create a complete plan based-on your specific goals which may include the following:

Weight loss
Building lean muscle mass
Improved sleep
Antioxidant benefits
Wound healing
Increased libido and sexual function
Collagen synthesis
Increased energy

Because there are many types and variations of peptides, a discussion of your specific goals in necessary before therapy begins.

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