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Do you have the edge?


What's your next step?

The process starts with understanding how you move and function as an individual and ends with programs designed to lead you to your goal. 

The next step towards revealing your code is to setup an appointment at Resilience Code and begin your journey towards optimization.  

6 tests to help gain your edge:



The gold standard of movement-based testing. We'll perform a complete skeletal motion analysis and provide a comprehensive baseline assessment. You'll get a detailed plan for improving flexibility, enhancing performance, and mitigating injury.


The very latest and most accurate Cardio Pulmonary testing establishes your VO2 Max. Our testing measures your heart rate, ability to utilize oxygen, and efficiency of your cardio pulmonary system.


Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) determines the caloric consumption for maintaining, losing, or gaining weight. It can also identify deficiencies or medical conditions affecting your metabolism.


Computer-aided gait analysis using state-of-the-art pressure technology to compare up to five sets of shoes, as well as your unique plantar surface.


Our Power test series deconstructs, fine-tunes, then tracks and builds our power and speed performance. Results will guide future training by identifying the loads at which individual peak power output is produced.


Utilizing the latest testing strategies and radar technology, we profile your acceleration and velocity. This allows us to define the maximum you reach, as well as determine what specific deficiencies need to be addressed to obtain optimal horizontal acceleration.



This testing series deconstructs, fine-tunes, and identifies an athletes specific force, velocity and power profile on their biomechanical properties. Results will guide future training interventions by identifying specific methods and exercises that will optimize performance.


The testing analyzes and assesses the relative conditioning of different energetic systems of an athlete. Findings will be used to highlight individual performance needs to help optimize functional capacity.


This testing helps pinpoint areas that need improvement along the kinetic chain. Based on our findings, an individualized package of corrective exercises will be provided. Based on the findings, an individualized package of corrective exercises will be provided.

Team sport science consultation

We offer high-level sports science consultations to teams looking to get the competitive edge. This includes program design, sports science integration, data collection, statistical analysis and interpretation, as well as an onsite in service with your staff.

Additional Performance Tests:

  • 3D Body Imaging
  • Mobility Testing
  • Gait Analysis
  • VO2 Max
  • Velocity VO2 Max
  • Resting Metabolic Testing
  • Dynamic Jump Testing
  • Custom Force Plate Testing
  • Force-Velocity Profiling
    • Upper Body
    • Lower Body
    • Jump
  • Nutritional Blood Paneling
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Concussion Screening

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