Resilience Code Services

When it comes to optimizing your health, fitness, longevity and well being, the problem is, in a word, access. And Resilience Code gives you access in spades.

Memberships + Classes

Multiple levels of membership and class options

Memberships per month or annually, or purchase class packs or class visits by the week

Specific class packages, such as Endurance and Metabolic Class, are available

Memberships come with free benefits valued at over $15,000 annually / $1,300 monthly

plans starting at $249 per month



Resilience Code testing to baseline and advanced performance and strength testing

Testing pricing discounted with class packages

Individual personal training, sports recovery, gear and supplies, and wearables

On-site imaging available: CT scans, MRI, neuroquant/lesionquant

tests starting at $99 per session


Memberships Coming Soon

General Memberships copy here. Memberships come standard with many benefits with unlimited classes, exclusive access, and consultations. Pay monthly or one-time annually.

Unlimited Membership »
Individual Monthly + Family Pricing Available

Unlimited Founders »
Exclusively for the first 50 Members / Individual Monthly Pricing + Family Pricing Available

Unlimited Annual Prepay »
Includes free month / One-time annual payment

Unlimited Membership Plus+ »
Concierge Medicine / Individual Monthly + Family Pricing Available

Unlimited Founders Plus+ »
Exclusively for the first 50 Members / Individual Monthly Pricing + Family Pricing Available

Unlimited Annual Prepay Plus+ »
Includes free month / One-time annual payment

Unlimited Surgicode »
Includes 10% discount to services / Individual Monthly Pricing

* Active military, students (high school and collegiate), seniors receive a 10% discount to any membership option

Class Packages Coming Soon

Limited access to the center and services, with discounted pricing available for testing such as endurance, performance/strength, MMA and yoga.

Class Package: 10 / 20 / 40 »
10, 20 or 40 classes for a one-year period / Expires in one year on date of purchase

Class Weekly Pass: 1x / 2x / 3x /
Unlimited »

1, 2, 3, or unlimited class(es) per week / Expires in one year on date of purchase

Endurance/Metabolic Package »
Baseline and advanced available / Monthly Online Coaching / Portal and endurance access

MMA Package: 10 / 20 / 40 / 100 / Unlimited »
Classes and gym access / Current HAMA Members Get 10% Discount

Testing + Services

Testing and services from baseline to advanced. There are available a la carte outside of memberships or classes.

LocomotiCode Testing »
LocomotiCode gait analysis with force distribution with results only for Industry only; interpretation; consultation

MetaboliCode Testing »
Lactate testing, resting metabolic rate testing, fat analysis / anthropometry, VO2 max; interpretation; consultation

NeuromechaniCode Testing »
Jump testing with results only for industry only; force velocity power; interpretation; consultation

MobilityCode Testing »
Range of motion and anthropometric testing; results only for Industry only

MindCode Testing »
IMPACT / cognitive, visuo-ocular, balance / reaction / proprioception, SCAT4, complete baseline testing, on-site radiology: CT scans, MRI, neuroquant / lesionquant

MMA Code Kit »
Comes with testing and membership: jump test, dynavision, striking force analysis, mid-thigh pull, VO2 max, DEXA, striking force velocity analysis

Executive: KinetiCode »
Full testing including: consultations, follow-ups, includes portal access and continued yearly access options: LocomotiCode, NeuromechaniCode, MetaboliCode, CoreCode, Mobility Code

Executive: MindCode »
Impact, Scat 4 With Training, Voms, Balance Bess/Force Plate/Sls/App, Dynavision / Fitlight 1- Neuro+Lesion Quant MRI, H & P + 1 Hr W High Level Provider, Portal Access, Unlimited Testing, Unlimited Training, Remote Reporting And Data Assistant, Triage, and follow-up testing with 1-on-1 consult

Executive: BiologiCode »
Includes follow up testing in 6 months and 3 total consults, 20% off all supplements

Executive: MMA Coding »
MindCode: Impact, Scat3, VOMS, Oculogica, Dynavision, Wilkerson; KinetiCode: MobilityCode, NeuromechaniCode, MetaboliCode, Thigh Pull; PerformCode: Advanced (McGill) Strike Force Velocity Analysis; MMA BiologiCode: Omega Quant